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July 12-15 2020

Irini Papamitsaki first started learning about tai chi from Petros Kouropoulos in 1987. Petros was the first to bring taichi to Greece

In the course of his long life (1928-2016), Petros  acquired many students and became very respected in the field of martial arts.

He taught taichi yang form, big  small and medium series, as well as many different qigong forms and one sword form.

He also introduced the “quiet seating” Zen, before and after the practice.

Irini was a committed student  all these years, and had taken part in many seminars with renowned guests at Petros’s studio.

She started teaching in his studio in 2010. Today she teaches regular classes in taichi and also organises seminars as a guest in places that want to familiarise themselves with the art of tai chi.

She  has  practiced extensively  many types of meditation, but remains firmly committed to the Zen style, as nothing other than quiet breathing and the quiet seat  will lead you to the center of the Self.

In Corfu she will mainly be teaching the basic steps, the standing position of “riding the horse” (basic requirement for taichi training) as well as  Qi Gong "the eight exercises" and "the 5 elements. "

The purpose of this 4 day summer seminar is deepening the paractise of tai chi.
We will be practising Qi Gong and the basic steps of the small circle Yang style.
The repetition of the exercises lead to:

A Peaceful Mind

A Joyful Heart

A Lightweight body

The beautiful and peaceful environment of the Ralli Retreat is ideal, as it provides the
perfect atmosphere for the deepening into the practise, so that kindness towards the Self,
others and the environment are cultivated in depth.

The seminar is open to beginners as well as advanced practitioners.


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