Corfu, Greece, VRAGANIOTIKA, 49080
(+30) 6930776878


  • JUNE 18th - 22nd 2020
  • non-residential participants are welcome - 

Announcing the 3rd, exceptional four-day intensive retreat on learning from dreams with Dr. Erik Craig, renowned author, presenter, Existential Analyst and Psychotherapist. Erik has trained therapists and lay people around the world to tap the wisdom of their own and other’s dreams. He is a past president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and has published several articles on the subject. He is also a warm and personal presenter and facilitator who, above all, values kindly and genuine human relating.

The retreat will be held from June 18th to June 22nd 2020.Arrival at the retreat is on Thursday the 21st and departure on Monday the 25th. The workshop will start on Thursday evening with a brief introduction from Dr. Erik Craig and an acquaintance of participants. Friday, Saturday and Sunday the group will work during the morning and evening but participants will also have plenty of time to rest, relax and enjoy the exquisite nature of the retreat. The group will gather together to learn lively, exciting, and effective ways to work with dreams and gently release the secrets they hold for the most intimate and important aspects of our lives. Participants will have ample opportunity to work intensively and intimately with their own dreams, both alone and with others.

Accommodation at the retreat is for four nights, including breakfast and light lunch, the number of participants at the retreat is for 9 people so please make your reservation early.

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