Corfu, Greece, VRAGANIOTIKA, 49080
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Come join this retreat to experience a relaxing moment in order to bring back natural balance. You will get to recharge your inner batteries and learn how to completely relax. Immerse yourself in a basic yoga practice where you will also learn the philosophy of life. Take a walk on the beautiful beach, enjoy the sun and incredible scenery for a refreshing retreat of your life!

During the retreat, the participants will be introduced to the basics of yoga practice. Posture, breath, chanting, meditation, and philosophy of life will be covered. General health, nutrition, and posture alignment will also be offered. The retreat will serve to bring back natural balance, recharging batteries, and learning how to relax.


Day 1
  • Morning yoga
  • Afternoon yoga with pranayama
  • Opening circle: Introduction and goal setting
Day 2
  • Morning yoga
  • Movement meditation
  • Talk posture basics
Day 3
  • Morning yoga
  • Afternoon yoga: Introduction to inversion
Day 4
  • Morning yoga
  • Afternoon yoga: yoga Nidra
  • Evening: Lifestyle talk
Day 5
  • Morning yoga
  • Afternoon Chakra meditation
Day 6
  • Free day